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Attic Ladders, Skylights and Storage Solutions

Bradley Trade Services are proud to be the South Australian distributor for Attic Group’s range of ladders, skylights and storage solutions.

We proudly distribute Australia’s original Attic ladders, Europe’s leading skylight brands VELUX and FAKRO as well as GarageFlex, Australia’s premier garage storage solution.

With up to 30% of the total floor area of your home being unused space beneath the roof, we can help you convert your attic or loft and add storage, living space or a bedroom!

For more information or to request a quote, please contact Rik on


Attic ladders made easy!

Wanting to easily access your Attic space or transform your unused Attic or loft space into a storage area or something more?  You’ll need safe access, which is why you need an Attic Ladder!

We help you choose the ladder that suits you, keeping in mind that people of all shapes and sizes may choose to use it.

Our professional tradespeople will ensure your ladder is installed easily and efficiently. 

Maximise your home's potential with Attic Storage

The simplest way to de-clutter your home is to turn your neglected attic or loft space into a free, in-home storage facility. By installing an Attic Ladder you will gain instant access to a whole new space within your home!

Our team of qualified tradespeople can install flooring as well as ceiling cladding to ensure a safe, dust-free space.

Install a Skylight

With an Attic ladder unlocking your roof space, installing a skylight will help unlock a world of possibilities!

We proudly supply and install VELUX and FAKRO, two of Europe’s leading skylight brands.

Adding a bedroom, a home office or just somewhere to curl up on a sofa in peace? Installing a skylight will bring light and a feel of airiness to your new room. 


Reclaim Your Garage

Discover the perfect way to transform your cluttered garage into a well-organised space that suits your needs and budget with Garageflex, Australia’s leading garage storage solution. We work with you to tailor a fit-out that can be as cost-effective, functional, or elaborate as you like. It’s your dream garage, tailored to your preferences!